About Me

I'm a Game Programming Student at The Game Assembly, Malmö.
My language of choice is C++ but I have experience working with C# and Unity. I am mostly interested in developing game engines but really, as long as I can bang out code I'm living the dream.


by Raveyard (2021)

The seventh project at TGA, a Sci-Fi third person horror game inspired by Resident Evil 2.

I worked mostly on integrating and creating a wrapper for PhysX

The sixth project at TGA, a Diablo-like hack-and-slash game.

In this project I:

  • Built a component system

  • Implemented sprite rendering

  • Threaded the pathfinding


Offworld Overdrive
by Gigawatt Games (2020)

2D Top down adventure game.

Shield Saga
by Shieldface (2020)
2D Platformer

by Smug Pug Productions (2020)

2D Sidescrolling shmup

Circus Con Carne
by Avokado Folket (2019)

2.5D Mobile puzzle game, built with Unity

Way of the Wagon
by Green Parrot Productions (2019)

3D Runner